How do I order?
- All confirmed designs are placed online in your own "shop". Here you simply build your roster or order and put in the cart and checkout normally. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Can I request a sample ?
– Yes. We have samples in stock we can send you, but we need a deposit to ensure we get the sample back. We will return the deposit or credit your order once you approve the sample. We will not refund the shippng cost.

Will I receive a sample of my ordered uniform ?
– Only upon request and this will incur additional production sample- and shipping cost.

What is critical for you to complete my order ?
– We need your logo in a vector format like eps, ai, cdr etc. and we need the Pantone color codes. Often, we can find these in your logo file, but it is always nice to hand on hand. We therefore create a Design proposal for you that hold all this information. Finally, we need your roster. We need to know what names and numbers go on which sizes. Once you have approved your design this is placed in this shop and you can go and build your roster, but adding products to the cart in the size, with the name and number you need. If you need a group order option, then please contact us.

What is a group order?
– When we place your design in our shop you can build your roster by adding each product with the desired name and number to checkout. If your members are ordering this individually, then we can offer what we call a group order. This will add a count down timer to your product and we will group all individual orders together into one group order for you.

What is the minimum order quantity ?
– You can find this information on the product page. If you require a lower order minimum, then contact us or your local representative.

How long till I receive my order ?
– Our production time is 4-6 weeks for the majority of the year. During peak season or for some samples, the production time can be up to 8-12 weeks.


Do you offer any discounts ?
– Yes. We offer different types of discount. The best ones are included in our Partner Programs.

Do you use promo codes ?
– Yes. We provide promo codes to all affiliates, if you refer a paying customer to us and with any social media promotions.

Do you offer sponsorship’s ?
– Yes. Simply contact us to find out if we can help you.

Do you have an affiliate program ?
– Yes. You can apply here.

How can we get the price down on our order ?
– The best option is to check out our Partner Programs.


Where do you ship from ?
– All orders ship from our distribution hub in Denmark. Some products and orders will ship from New Jersey, USA.

How do you ship the products ?
– You can pick either postal serivces (EU) or UPS at checkout.

Where are the products made ?
– That all depends on the product. Some are made in USA, some in Asia and some in South America.

How much does shipping cost ?
– This is visible at checkout. Simply pick the option that suits you.

Should I expect any import duties ?
– Not if you are located in the EU but orders shipped outside of the EU could incur customs and tax charges. This all depends on your location and how we can best get the products to you. Talk to your sales representative for options.

If you do not find an answer to your questions here below, please contact us.