Anyone can refer a customer to us and earn a commission on the order. Sign up today to become an affiliate and either save up for your first order or get the commission paid out.

Below are three ways to make money with us ...



Tell potential customers about us and earn cash when they place their first order with us.

That is all you have to do. You probably have great communications with a lot of potential customers and they would love to hear from you, especially because you can offer them a discount code with their first purchase.

The basic idea is that you use your affiliate link and discount code to point new customers our way. Once they checkout in our webshop you receive a percentage of the sale. All they have to do is use the link you gave them to our site, or use the code you gave them at checkout. All these details will be visible on your affiliate dashboard in our webshop.

Note, that you can only refer new customers from your segment. This means basketball clubs can only refer new basketball customers to us and only once, which is at their first order. The size of that order determines your commission as this is a percentage of the order, not a fixed amount. When we have bigger orders, we want you to be rewarded too.

The standard programs grant you a 5% commission and you can offer the first time customer a 20% discount. For key partners that refer a lot of customers to us, we are working on a program to extend the commission past the first order.

Anyone, not an affiliate that refer a paying customer to us, will receive a discount code to be used with their first order. This is a great way to save up for your first order. Simply send them to this link where they can request a design proposal. Once approved and they place the order with your code or link, you earn a commission or a discount code if not approved yet.



Take a few extra pictures of our product at gameday and sell them to us.

We use pictures or videos with our products in all our marketing, and we prefer them to be of our products with authentic customers. If you can create high-quality media we can use in our marketing then we will buy these from you. The price will depend on the quality of the media and the volume of it. Simply show us what you have and we will estimate it and offer you a price for it.

We may request materials from you in your native language. For this type of project, we agree on the price, quality, deadline, etc. before you start. This could range from a simple testimonial to promotional videos and Youtube adds.

Note, that the media can be in a rough state but still needs to be high quality. Simply sending us a bunch of pictures from gameday will not yield any commission. They have to be of our products and in such a quality that we can use it.



Offer apparel with your logo to sponsors, parents, etc. and earn money as they sell. 

To ensure we can deliver fast enough we only offer our stock cotton products in our webshops and logo or design can only be applied using heat transfers. Maybe you ask your youth players to buy a certain team t-shirt when they start out and later, when they are ready to commit to the team, they can invest in a proper team uniform. T-shirts, hoodies, and more can be sold to parents, sponsors, events, and much more. It is an easy way to ensure brand cohesion while making money.

As mentioned we only offer stock cotton styles for team shops. They are faster to decorate with heat transfers, and the transfer can even look like the logo is stitched on. All team shops will start up with four (4) products with the same logo. We then expand the products as the shop starts to sell more.

Payouts for shops are every quarter and to ensure fair usage, only shops that turn over $500 per month will receive a payout. When you add products we will adjust the turnover requirement accordingly.

The commission rate for team shops is 10%.



If you want to partner with us and earn money with one or all methods, then please apply using the link below. Once you have applied we will do some due diligence and let you know when you are approved. Of course, only customers can sell us marketing materials, but team shops are also only for customers. But you can start referring customers to us immediately, so sign up now!

Note, that a second requirement is that your commission is paid out to a Transferwise bank account. We have worked with them to ensure the best profits for you when converting to your local currency. We will send you a link when we approve your affiliate account.

You apply for an account below and once we have reviewed your application, you will be able to log in to your Partner Dashboard on this website. Here you will retrieve your custom link which you use to direct other customers to our website and if they purchase, without having communicated with you first, then you earn a commission. You will also find your discount code which you share with the customers you want to refer to us. The referred customer can apply this at checkout to receive a discount and we can track your commission on that order, and add it to your account.

Click this link to sign up today!



This program is meant to benefit clubs of all sizes so there is no contract and no legal commitment. This will change as partners archive success with the program and as we have to remain compliant with local and international laws. Please refer back to this site for updates to the program.

You can only refer customers in your segment (e.g. country, sport), but we do not impose any other restrictions. We do not offer exclusive territories. This opens up the possibility for you to use another affiliate code when you check out, granting another affiliate a commission on your order. What a great way to support each other and promote the sport!

If a customer does not use your link or code at checkout we cannot track your commission. It is your responsibility to ensure they use the code or link if you want the commission. Breach is not liable for any mistakes that might occur.